Do you need product marketing?

This isn’t the question you should be asking. The one you should be asking is what the consequences are of not having somebody dedicated to product marketing activities.

The vacuum has to be filled

As with many roles in small companies, whether you have someone in the role or not isn’t the point. This is because, as often happens, someone, or multiple people at different times, will create the output associated with the role. The product marketing vacuum has to be filled somehow because you 100% rely on the output to communicate with your market (your customers).

You need the discipline to define all the components of your messaging at the same time – as a coherent whole

Product marketing output is your value proposition, market positioning, competitor differentiation strategy, persona-specific messages, thought leadership position – everything that your customers use to learn about what you do and why they should be buying from you.

Coherent messaging strategy

You need the discipline to define all these things at the same time and together. They are an interrelated set of components you use everywhere in your marketing, so they have to be work together. If they don’t, they are less likely to give you a coherent, market-wide messaging strategy.

And then… well, your product/service changes of course. You add new features and capabilities. You need to feed these, and their associated benefits, into the ever-evolving set of components that drive your messaging.


This is where the benefits of coordinated product marketing activity come in again. The ability to look at the overall messaging picture and understand how and where each component needs to be updated to re-balance the whole messaging framework in line with the new product/service capabilities.

What you end up with is a playbook of the individual, but connected, statements, messages and copy that can be used anywhere in your marketing. And just like a colour palette, when they are created with the others in mind, they are harmonious and go together in pretty much any combination.

You don’t need a full-time dedicated person in the role, but you will benefit from assigning product marketing tasks to a single person. The benefits of doing this will be immediate and far-reaching. Your customers will, in fact, thank you for it – by buying from you.

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