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I’m a product marketing writer creating messaging and copy for tech companies that increase customer engagement, generates leads and sells what you do.

This focuses on how you solve customer problems and answers the “what’s in it for me?” question.

Imagine what it would be like to have a rock-solid messaging foundation. One that included compelling and engaging value proposition, positioning and competitor differentiation statements.

Now think how useful this would be as the basis for building successful B2B sales and marketing campaigns. Campaigns that raised awareness, generated leads and then converted them to customers.

What would it be like to have a tech product marketing writer who could build the messaging foundation for you? And then use it to write copy for your website, email campaigns, sales and marketing collateral, case studies and press releases… everything you needed to run your B2B campaigns?

Now imagine how successful your business would be if your customers knew exactly how your solution was going to benefit them, and you communicated this succinctly and consistently across all your marketing channels? The result would be that your customers are more likely to talk to you and then buy from you.

This is what I can do for you.

Far too many tech companies have killer solutions to their customers’ challenges, but they can’t get themselves noticed, they can’t attract leads and, when they do, they can’t convert them. This is because nothing they say engages the interest of their customers. Their value propositions, differentiators and positioning simply aren’t aligned with the needs of their customers.

I write B2B website copy, marketing materials, emails, case studies (and lots more) that engage your customers. What I write gets you noticed, generates leads, and converts customers.

This is all about not writing about how amazing you and your solutions are. It’s about communicating how you solve customer problems. And by showing that you are with them on their journey.

It’s not about you. It’s about them.

Nik Stanbridge
Nik Stanbridge
I started Orange Mesh in 2016 after being made redundant from a tech startup (you know the sort of thing – new leadership… brought in his own team…) and I did it to provide better and more positive messaging and content services to tech companies.

With a lot of experience creating compelling and engaging marketing content, devising strategy and running digital B2B campaigns, I understand why benefit-driven marketing is key to successful customer engagement and company growth.

My goal when starting Orange Mesh was to bring clarity and consistency to tech company marketing materials when those companies don’t necessarily have the resources (or know-how) to do it themselves.

I also know how important it is to speak the language of the customer – reflecting their needs and their pain points. After all, we know that customers aren’t particularly interested in you or your business – but they are extremely interested in what you can do for them. This is the Orange Mesh difference.

As well as being a product marketer, I describe myself as a ‘photographer ordinaire’ – my passion is making photographs of the ordinary and the mundane. Indeed, photographing orange mesh was one of my early successes. You can see some of my work here. The orange mesh pictures are here.

You can call me on 07828 002494

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