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3 Things you can do today that will grow your business

The following are a few quick wins that will grow your business. These relatively easy activities are focused on raising your visibility, helping your sales process, and moving people along the buying cycle. They achieve a lot of exposure from one initial piece of content.

Win #1: Turn that recent customer win into a case study

Case studies are great. Sales people love them because prospects love them. They show everyone that you have real customers and therefore have a real product that people are using and getting value out of – as spelt out very neatly in the case study.

Early majority customers will not buy unless you can show that you have reference accounts and a case study is an easy way of achieving this. And stakeholders in the Research stage of the buying cycle need the reassurance of case studies to move them towards a buy decision.

Win #2: Turn that case study into a news release

Seeing as you’ve written a case study, you might as well go the whole hog and tell the world about it. And if you also send it to your friendly analysts and journalists who (a) like a success story, and (b) like something easy to write about, you’ll get some all-important column inches too.

It doesn’t take much to repurpose a case study into a news release. Yes, the format is different, but they’re essentially doing the same thing. And you get to make up another quote which is always fun.

Win #3: Create a simple email campaign around, you guessed it, your new case study

For this one, you’re also going to need:

  • A landing page that you’re going to point the email at. It’s best to create this using a specialist service like Unbounce. Why? Well, a landing page only has one job – to get people to execute on your call to action (CTA). That is, to ‘trade’ their contact details for your valuable case study. And you’re more likely to get them to do this if there are no distractions (menus, links, clickable logos) on the page. Think of landing pages as being your campaign-specific, ‘distraction-free’ pages.
  • An email subject line that is attractive enough to entice people to open your email
  • An email body that’s enticing enough to get people to click through to your landing page
  • A list of people to send the email to. These will probably be people in the same market segment as the company in the case study or people with the same problem that are in a different segment. If you’re segmenting your recipient list, you’ll likely need to come up with subject lines/email copy specific to them.

When you’ve done all of the above, you’ve moved your business forward – more people know about what you do and what benefits you’re bringing to a real customer.

Don’t have anyone to do all this? Get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do for you.


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